Why Turkey?

Health Tourism in Turkey:

Health services in Turkey are rapidly increasing and developing. In our country, health tourism provides much cheaper and higher quality services than other countries in the world. For this reason, health tourists from abroad go to Turkey. Turkey represents the summit in the world with its health personnel working in this field. Also, the medical teams in the country will make you feel at home. This friendly atmosphere and affordable prices make the country a great place for health tourism.

Why Olympian Group ?

 Providing service with more than 40 years of experience, the olympian group is one of the leading organizations of our country in health tourism. Accommodation, urban transportation, desired health service and guidance service are provided to the health tourists coming to our country.

Our services

Health resort & Healing hotel


Hair Transplant

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)


Eyebrow Transplantation

Beard and musthet transplant

Dental implantology smile aesthetics



 Planning Gingivectomy (Regulation of Gum Levels)

Teeth Whitening

 Metal Free – Zirconium Restorations

Accurate, Clear and Professional Information

As OLYMPIAN GROUP, one of the most important part of our mission is to provide CORRECT, CLEAR and PROFESSIONAL information, all kinds of preliminary information that the health tourist needs, and to provide full customer satisfaction.

Our main  goal is; Even if the health tourist does not work with us, it is our most basic gain that he/she goes to the institution he will go to, having cleared the question marks in his/her mind and that the tourist is happy.

Reservation and Appointment

After the health tourist who prefers us for health tourism makes a pre-reservation.Reaches the health institution where he/she will receive service, the necessary analyzes are made by our experts and the processes are started.

The purpose of the pre-reservation is to determine the dates when the tourist is available and the type and time of the transaction to be made.

On the other hand, the tourist makes a program accordingly and arrives for the health procedure on the specified date.

After the health tourist completes the pre-booking process, a flight ticket with flight information is requested at least 15 days before the transaction date. The purpose of this ticket is final reservation and according to the information written on this ticket, the VIP vehicle and the customer representative who will meet at the airport take their own notes. The welcoming team, who is at the airport before the landing time of the plane written on the ticket, greets the arriving customer without any delay.

Airport Welcome and Accommodation

The VIP welcome team and the transfer vehicle must be at the airport at least 15 minutes before the landing time. Our passenger is picked up from the reception area, and all transportation within the city is provided by us according to the hotel and hospital .

Transportation to the hotel chosen for accommodation is provided, and extremely comfortable, sterile and full-scale service is provided. The hotel set for accommodation is close to the hospital where the procedure will be carried out, and has been arranged with every comfort in mind so that the health tourist will stay at the hotel for a minimum of 2 nights.

Hospital Environment

Our health tourist, who is taken from the hotel, is brought to the hospital where the procedures will be carried out on the specified date and time. It is very important for us to operate in a hospital environment, both in terms of health and success. Sterile environment is important for every stage of health and it is very important for our company that the process is carried out under expert control in the hospital.