Where the Cruise Meets The Seas, Where The Seas Meet The Land, We Are There…

It’s a way of travel to experience the lands that meet the seas. Where the lands bear culture that needs to be especially curated for your needs. It’s not just a memorable picture postcard, but much deeper and richer.

WeCruise Travel

We are talking about the essence of the land, the scent of the bazaars, the dramatic speed of the local life, the culture that bore the history and made it unique.

These are just a few examples that we can offer for you to experience the uniqueness of the land. Away from fixed routes, alien to scheduled itineraries we are here to curate the next step for you when you are ashore. Privatize yourself for a cultural feast of the unique touches that make the land experience different. So, when we create your own bespoke shore excursion, we’ll bring these details onto the table. We’ve got your back. A team that is devoted to care, attention and details. A team that thinks opposite to popularity, more on the experience. The shore excursions we can curate can be remote, isolated and uncrowded. Socially distanced by design. All you need to do is look the other way and tell us when and which port. Then it’s up to us to bring all the pieces together. A single expertise point who thinks for you and not for the mass to ensure your needs and that your trip flows ahead without a hitch. You might travel on the sea with the mass but be individual on the land.

City Tours (Daily): Cruise “Shore Excursions”, Turkey
1 Alanya* Cruise Port, Antalya – Turkey
2 Antalya* Cruise Port, Antalya – Turkey
3 Bozcaada Cruise Port, Çanakkale – Turkey
4 Çanakkale Port, Troy, Çanakkale – Turkey
5 Çeşme* Cruise Port, Izmir – Turkey
6 Istanbul* Cruise Port, Galataport, Istanbul – Turkey
7 Izmir* Port, Izmir – Turkey
8 Kuşadası* Port, Ephesus, Aydın – Turkey
9 Marmaris* Cruise Port, Muğla – Turkey
10 Fethiye* Pier, Muğla – Turkey