Innovation is an idea or an invention implemented in service, Innovation is to introduce a tour product in more attractive, more enjoyable and more appealing way without loosing the basic approach of it.

As we live in a swiftly changing world and numerous different forces to this change like “Global Market Place” increasing competition and fast developing technology drive us to innovations and creativity which is a key factor to successful  and in demand tour product. Innovation and creativity is a result of a passionate executive who has to place his/her heart and mind into his/her business.

Innovative attempts gain new strategic value when viewed from a perspective that values experience as an important new attribute. Such a perspective has significant consequences for the growth of destination strategies, policies, and the integration of the information-society dimension, and for that reason, we apply new technologies in shorex serving to increase the positive impact for guests as well as enabling us to handle operations smoothly.

We believe that tourism is undergoing significant change and facing new challenges -that call for new perspectives. The diffusion of information and communication technologies, with a pervasive effect on the creation, production and consumption of the product.