Quality of a tour product is the basic element to achieve our goal.Quality is the measure of excellence or state of being free from defects and deficiencies and significant variations. Our approach to quality is the total of all characteristics of a product or service which are based upon meeting determined or possible necessities.

According to ISO 8402 – 1986 standard which defines quality as totality of the features and characteristics of a product or a service that bears its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.The quality of a tour product is the basic element to achieve our goal, which we measure to enrich their quality levels either by ISO support or by in house trainings.

Anatolian Escorted Tours being an intangible product “Total Quality” of a tour product can only be measured by quality survey forms filled by the guests. Learning the complaints and satisfactions of the customers through objective criteria is our way to make corrections and adjustments accordingly and the note of excellence of these surveys will show us where we stand quality wise.

Olympian Travel Group customer satisfaction surveys provide the tools to improve organizational performance. Customer loyalty and satisfaction levels can be determined by analyzing the data gathered from the survey closed end questions. 

Local and international experiences, quality concerns as well as innovating for the best solutions allow Olympian Travel Group to create better values for the customers and to build cordial relations with them.For Olympian Travel Group, quality refers to all of the characteristics that reveal the abilities of a good or service to meet a specific need.

Our quality management is a management approach to long-term success through customer satisfaction. In this effort, all members of Olympian Travel Group participate in improving process, products, services and the culture in which they work.